Monday, August 15, 2011

LIMITED TIME!: Family Package Special for $50 (50% OFF from Package Price!)

For Limited Time I'll be running a Family Package Special on Package: Lite Family/Group Pack

Offer Ends: August 29th 2011

Package Details

Usage Rights: Personal
Wardrobe/Looks: 1 
Total Estimated Time: 1 Photo Session, 1 hour
Finalized Photos: 6
Location: Indoor-Studio or On-Location (outdoors and indoors) [On-Location shoots near home location/Hazleton, PA, if outside of home location travel expenses required -see price chart for details]
Studio Backdrops: 1 (black, white, blue)
Photos Retouched: 6

Personal Copyright Usage: $50
Package Savings: $120!
What are personal usage rights?
Not allowed to gain revenue for photos, but allowed to print photos for any personal usage. i.e. printing for friends, family, etc.

Guarantee: 6 Retouched Photos digital copies with web/low resolution and print/high resolution. 

Offer Ends: August 29th 2011

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