Friday, April 27, 2012

Officially Adding Video Coverage Services...

Video Coverage Services

Coverage: $70/per hour (video recording)
Editing: $50/per one hour of video coverage

Package Deals (includes editing and coverage, no travel)
  1. 3min Video Package/2hour Coverage - $150
  2. 6min Video Package/2hour Coverage - $200
  3. 10min Video Package/2hour Coverage - $300
  4. 3min Video Package/4hour Coverage - $300
  5. 6min Video Package/4hour Coverage - $450
  6. 10min Video Package/4hour Coverage - $550
All video coverage prices are only for non-commercial usage purposes only, for commercial usage rates please contact me at (570) 871-0504 or by Email

above information also added to the services' price chart page...

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