Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick Tips: How to Get Exclusive Rights for Photos?

Generally speaking you may be able to buy exclusive rights but it's highly not recommended for everyone for all situations. The average cost for exclusive rights for a photo is $1000 minimum or higher per photo (side note, average is from talented and educated photographers). Which may sound very high but in reality it is not because buying a photo's exclusive rights is having the rights to do anything with the photo in anyway and you may earn as much revenue from the photo in no time limitations, literally forever until the photo is destroyed. For example, if you buy a photo's exclusive rights and you decide to use it for autograph signing and selling the photos with your autograph you may earn as much as you want and keep as much as you want without any limitations and for however long you want as well.

Now you can either buy the rights or license the rights. Licensing is like a rental of the rights, some offer different types of licensing options like myself I offer all, or certain individual activities. The licensing is based on a time agreement such as per monthly basis or semi-annually, or annually. 

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