Friday, May 18, 2012

Commercial Photography Services - TOS

Chris Adval Productions 
Commercial Photography Services 
Terms of Service 

a) Services included in order packages ONLY include services mentioned in the package details and mentioned in the disclaimer. 

b) On-location, where the photographer(s) travel to location you assign them to, requires travel compensation at $0.30/per mile traveled (both ways/round trip). On-location assignments in town (Hazleton, PA 18201) will waive travel compensation. 

c) 30% deposit of the total cost is required for any orders above $60. 

d) Prices displayed on website or printed material may be changed without notice. Coupons, discounts, specials and sales may or may not have an expiration date mentioned on them. 

e) All payment transactions maybe paid by any major credit card via email invoice, or by check and cash. Checks must be made to "John Lopez." Please note your deposit will not be fully processed until all funds from check/credit card has been fully transferred. After deposit is made you are responsible in paying for the remainder of the balance by the beginning of the photoshoot assigned or after the photoshoot. Please also note, paying the remainder of the balance by check must be made 24 hours prior of the photoshoot assigned. If check isn't given prior the 24hour period cash is required to be paid at the start or end of the photoshoot assigned. 

f) You will receive usage rights of what you have ordered. You may upgrade your license status at anytime and pay the difference, but this will require a renewal of contract time. i.e. You have Advertising only license on 1 photo that would cost $50 per photo per year, if you upgrade during the year you can by a renewal of time so if you upgrade to all usage rights license which cost $120 per photo per year or minus $25 (50% if you have 6 months used of previous license) costing $95 to continue the time. 

g) Any and all bookings are required to be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Bookings made passed the 2 weeks in advance will have to pay a 20% or $60 RUSH PREP fee (whichever is cheapest). This fee may be waived at anytime without reason. 

(The above will be required contract signed by client BEFORE a deposit is made)
You may print this form here

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