Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Importance of a Headshot FOR YOU!

I'm sure this information is literally everywhere on the net. I'll just put my own spin to it with my current knowledge of marketing. 

The Plain Joe or Jane 

As a Joe/Jane individual you can also hire a professional headshot photographer for basic overall uses such as facebook profile pic to even a LinkedIn profile picture or even further to a dating profile if you're a single individual looking for your other half. Having a professional headshot photographer for these uses will literally gain people's interest and give you more respect by having a professional headshot showing the best of you to the world. 

The Actor/Performer 
As a actor or performer of some kind, for hobby or professionally, hiring a professional headshot photographer is essential, especially an aspiring professional actor/performer it would be a requirement even! I'm not a director or casting agent, but I'd assume they would like to see some intensely professionally shot and clean headshots of the performer auditioning. And not just neutral facial expressions, yea those are required, but I personally if I was a director/casting agent I'd like to see some emotion and diverse facial expressions of the performer. 

The Model 
An actor/performer to a model is pretty similar but the only difference is generally a model is used in still photography than motion. The needs for a headshot photographer may be totally dependent on your goals as a model, if you're a foot model you obviously won't need a headshot all that much. But if you are using your face in any modeling professionally I'd highly recommend hiring a professional photographer, again, when being hired by a client through an casting/modeling agency this headshot would make or break you with big potential clients as the headshot is the first image they would see on a comp. card.

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